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Hair Extension Service in Delhi -

INR.2500 / Per Person

Hair extensions are like wigs, however, the style may. Wigs are easy to use, yet extensions can style more. Hair extensions are produced using natural human hair and appreciate a great choice of hairstyles and colors Human hair

When it comes getting thicker and longer hair with the natural look then hair extensions are best advisable, they are very simple to add and remove you don`t need to waste a huge amount of time if you want great length for your hair. Hair extensions enable you to have the hair you want without harming your real hair. You can apply it without cutting the natural hair and without causing any harm to your own hair to look gorgeous.

If your hair is not growing the way you wanted it, you can switch to hair extensions instead of waiting for your real hair to grow.
Are you considering buying hair extensions in Delhi, then Wigy Hair Solution is here to guide you completely to make that decision and help you to achieve hair goals you have dreamed of. We will provide the best hair extension services in Delhi and make your investment worth.

Hair Extensions have now become very popular and demanding, we Wigy Hair Solution being leading salon offer best hair extensions, these are glued or clipped into an existing hair. It is essential to know its benefits before you buy extensions for yourself.

Benefits Of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are particularly alluring methods for completing an extraordinary number of astonishing things with your hair and individual style. By adding it you can increase hair length, you can try the various look, accomplish a look which is not possible with your original hair, and many other great outcomes. This flexibility has made hair extensions standout amongst the most popular hair services. In spite of the fact that there are numerous advantages for the individuals who use them, we have listed the best advantages of hair extensions.

Get New Look

You may have a special occasion coming up, are simply searching for a change, or your marriage may be coming near. Using hair extensions enables you to make your head full of hair and add color, texture, accomplish new styles, and try different things to ensure that you look exceptional regardless of what you have going on. Extensions are accessible in a wide sort of lengths, styles, textures, and colors to accomplish the ideal length, coordinate your regular hair perfectly, or coordinate your existing hairs consistency whether naturally wavy or straight. With the help of hair extensions, you can create an endless look.

Immediate Results

Hair extensions can give you immediate outcomes and can change your hairstyle quickly. Here you don’t have to wait for months to grow your hair the required length to accomplish your ideal style. This is particularly profitable if your hair growth rate is very slow. Hair extensions can be easily applied or removed in the event that you choose another style for yourself. Regardless of whether you need extensions for seven days to a month, you can change it the way you like at any time.

Serves and Protects

Hair extensions can really serve to ensure your original hair. Hair extensions allow you to add various colors without harming natural hair. You also try various hairstyles without causing any damage to original hair. These will help you to keep your natural hair away from harmful chemicals of colors and dyes and also protects your own hair from hair styling tools.


Hair extensions come in a number of various colors, texture, and lengths. Individuals who have straight hair can try wavy hair, individuals who have wavy hair can try straight hair, Individuals with short hair can buy long extensions and style them in up-dos for exceptional events. You can try various shading and texture blends with no commitment without causing any damage to your normal hair.

Looks Real

At Wigy Hair Solution, we can give full-head hair extensions or partial extensions designed to give you natural look. Offered range looks real, provides the best results and feel natural. We endeavor to give the most ideal hair extensions and hair extension services in Delhi.

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